Sharing Stories

What I’m Reading: “I Capture the Castle” by Dodie Smith. As a friend of mine said, “This book is like comfort food.” It’s a wonderfully written coming of age story that takes place in 1930’s England. It captures adolescence beautifully by chronicling the journal entries of Cassandra, a teenage aspiring writer. Although not an academic text, I include it here because I believe it’s important to balance your reading list with both fiction and non-fiction texts.I Capture the Castle

Building Confident Learners: I’ve received a few letters from a previous students recently that reminded me of how joyful learning and sharing knowledge is! Confidence in learning comes from making real connections with others and sharing your own love of learning. Show your learner or learners how fun learning can be in authentic, experiential ways. Share your joy in learning and in doing so you will empower young people to be curious observers of the world!

What Gives Me Joy: Podcasts or audiobooks while crocheting. I’ve been introverting like crazy this week and have enjoyed listening to stories via podcasts and audiobooks. I love using Hoopla which is a fantastic app you can download for free! Just connect the app to your public library account and enjoy hours of audiobooks, eBooks, music and movies. I should note that I’m not getting paid to mention Hoopla, I honestly just really love it and see it as a wonderful public resource.


The joy of learning. Together.