Anxiety in Children: Physical Actions

As promised, I have some more suggestions for what to do with children who are experiencing anxiety. Although anxiety is a mental phenomenon,  it is often expressed physically and can therefore be reduced by physical activity, or changing the physical environment.

jumping fun

  • Joyful physical activity, meaning something that gives the student confidence and is pure fun. That can be any sport, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and even just playing outside!
  • Fidgets- squishy things or clicky things that students can use while thinking or processing something that they are anxious/upset about. But for the love of your child’s teacher, please leave fidget spinners at home or use at recess only unless previously arranged with the teacher. You may also want to have a discussion with your child’s teacher about the use of a fidget in the classroom. They may have some great suggestions!
  • Weighted blankets (you can buy them online or make them if you’re crafty). They calm the body and reduce the physiological responses we have to anxiety. Often if you can calm your physical stress response the mind follows.

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