Happy Halloween! This year I dressed up as pizza again, because everybody loves pizza. Popularity isn’t everything but when you’re pizza, you can’t avoid it. I don’t hate it.


Dog approved pizza costume

Anyway, I‘m back to posting after a brief hiatus due to family visits and other lovely things. This week’s Passion Parent Advocate post is on “Grit”. Grit, which has turned into a popular buzzword in education, is the ability to persevere through challenges and passion for long-term goals. What I like about the idea is that it measures a person’s learning capacity not with IQ or a standardized test, but instead it measures learning capacity by a person’s ability to work hard to make a specific outcome a reality. To me, this seems a perfectly inclusive view of the whole person in learning (after all whole child learning is my bag). The idea of grit in education was popularized and named by Angela Lee Duckworth, founder of Character Lab and professor of psychology at University of Pennsylvania. You you can watch her Ted Talk here if you want to hear her talk about her theory. Of course, as with almost anything, grit has its limitations. Although I really like and support the idea of grit, I don’t blindly accept grit as the end all be all in education. I mean, I don’t suggest blindly accept anything really. I think it’s important to to research all aspects of a theory so I’m also providing you with this article for a contrary opinion of Duckworth’s theory. Feel free to go out and do your own research. In your free time. I know, there’s always so much of that.

And if you’re still curious and want to keep learning but your sick of staring at a screen, you can listen to this “Freakonmics” podcast. What do you think of grit? Have you seen evidence of it in your classrooms and homes?

The joy of learning. Together.