What I’m Reading:  “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown. I first learned about Brene Brown when I heard her do a TEDtalk and I was blown away. “Rising Strong” is about my worst fear-failure. I mean, that and dying a fiery death in an airplane crash. On the bright side, failure is more likely and less deadly. Honestly though, as a perfectionist failure feels like it might kill me sometimes. If you too struggle with failure, read “Rising Strong”. You won’t regret it.

rising strong

Building Confident Learners: Speaking of failure, there is nothing more satisfying in the world of learning than a success after some struggle or even failure. Allowing children to make mistakes and fail, creates a safe space to actually learn and make connections. Striving for excellence is not the same as striving for perfection. If a child expects perfection, they will inevitably fail because, YOU GUYS (or maybe I should start working in ya’ll) PERFECTION IS NOT REAL. If a child expects excellence however, there is more wiggle room for errors in the process.

What Gives Me Joy: Wouldn’t it be neat if I could say something like “ I love failing!”, or “Making mistakes is a blast!”? It sure would. But I can’t honestly say that, so I won’t. I do love learning and have come to terms with the fact that learning often involves making a mistake or two. So this week I’ll say that I am joyful about getting better at making mistakes and being patient with myself and others.

The joy of learning. Together.