The Power of “Yet”

What I’m Reading:  “Brain Based Strategies to Reduce Test Stress” by Judy Willis. This article is an interesting, relevant, and a quick read. Tests are, for most children, a stressor. I found Willis’s ideas to be insightful and she gave some nice tips for teachers (but parents could utilize them as well). If you would like to read it yourself, follow the link.

Building Confident Learners: Most people aren’t good at something the first time they try it. Remind your child that it’s OK to be bad at something initially. The stamina it takes to keep trying is where they will find success.

What Gives Me Joy: Creating. I’ve been a huge crocheting kick recently and have made a few different projects. Here’s the thing, I’m not very good at it. Yet. Ahh, the glorious power of yet when learning something new!


The joy of learning. Together.