Meet Nora

The best educators are always students themselves. As such I constantly reflect on my own effectiveness and reject complacency, as I strive to build customized, highly effective individual programs for the children I tutor.


My journey has always been fueled by my passion for children and their families. It began when I created an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program in psychology and family studies. Then, inspired by my love of learning and my passion teaching young people, I earned a Master’s in Education. I earned both degrees from Marquette University, in Milwaukee, and have recently moved to the area with my husband who is beginning medical school.

My teaching philosophy is built on the belief that teaching and learning are challenges that spur growth. Growth happens when we feel discomfort, when we worry we may not be able to do the task at hand, when we have to ask questions, when we lay aside our ego and dig in. Growth happens when we experience that first glimpse of what is possible, a hint of understanding, when our cognitive wheels start spinning, when we start answering questions, and when we strive to find an answer. So too it is with learning. No matter how old we are learning happens through inquiry. It happens when we feel that tug at our heart, begin sifting through information, asking questions until we finally “get it.”

I believe that education of the whole child is essential and finding joy in learning is the crucial ingredient. Of course, learning involves the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, but in order for a child to learn they must first be understood as a person. From a place of understanding students can gain insights about themselves and how they learn. This is when true growth and learning occur. I provide individualized scaffolding for each student I work with and create a learning environment that is built on mutual respect, curiosity, and hard work. As an individual educator, it is my goal to help my students discover beauty in their moments of struggle and to help them internalized the joy of learning.

Please feel free to contact me to set up a free individual educational consultation. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your child to build a program that suits their individual needs and finding –         the joy of learning. Together.