Lessons with Scones


I’m gonna be honest…I’ve been binge watching “The Great British Baking Show”. Due to heavy exposure to British baked goods I’ve been inspired to make scones (to eat along with my cardamom black tea of course).

Unlike “The Great British Baking Show” my main judge is my husband and he’s always very nice to me. He’s not a very unbiased judge but I’m alright with that. Anyway, I have very little experience baking scones so it was a learning experience. Hooray for learning! I used this recipe from bon appetite and I feel 90% good about the finished product. I did in fact over bake it by a couple of minute as the bottoms are just a bit darker than I wish they were. Also, the recipe called for two tablespoons of sugar on top before popping into the oven.  I only did one tablespoon. But I mean, come on, that is A LOT of sugar topping! I was wrong though, two tablespoons is right amount of sugar topping. Last, these are cream scones, and while they are yummy I think I probably like butter scones better. Because, butter.

I have a bad habit of ignoring recipe instructions and going rogue. Today’s Baking Lesson: When making something for the first time, assume your thoughts are wrong and follow the instructions. Today’s life lesson: Sometimes it’s good to be a little rebellious, and sometimes, it’s just not. Choose wisely.

The joy of learning, Together.


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