Novel Experiences

Everyone can agree that experiencing something for the first time can be thrilling. We all love the feeling of getting new shoes or a new phone, trying an exciting new food, or visiting a place we’ve never been. It turns out that not only do we really enjoy novel experiences, we also learn really well from them! Unsurprisingly, we tend to remember a novel experience and the things associated with them better than something mundane. There are a lot of ways teachers and parents can create novel experiences for their learners. The purpose of a field trip for example is to make what students are learning about in school novel and relevant. Novel learning experiences can happen anytime and anywhere! You don’t need to go far or spend a lot of money to find them. Try camping out in your backyard, go for a hike and write in an observation journal, cook something new, or go to a museum. Not only do novel experiences help children learn, they are also a ton of fun and bolster their curiosity promoting further inquiry.

Speaking of novel experiences, I learned to shuck oysters last weekend! I know oysters look a little disgusting but I love them, and now I can prepare them.


If you want to learn more about what happens in the brain when experiencing something new and exciting, follow the this link from Scientific American.

The joy of learning together. Nora


One thought on “Novel Experiences

  1. Nick Rosencutter says:

    Good stuff Nora. There’s also some good information out there about how the brain learns better when in a relaxed, parasympathetic state while it’s much harder to learn and retain when stuck in sympathetic mode.


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