Three Things! Learning, Kindness and Family

What I’m Reading:  Remember when I said I was reading “A Mind at a Time?” Well, I’m still working on it, and have found it to be very insightful. Levine describes learning dysfunction concisely, while blending in relatable stories about real children. I would recommend it for both educators and parents alike. Even if your child isn’t experiencing big problems at school, it’s an important read.

Building Confident Learners: I can’t stress enough how much kindness and empathy is important to the learning process. We need to teach our young people to be kind to themselves when they make a mistake, and in turn be kind to others when they are struggling. Remember, when interacting with a young person you never know what they will remember. Even the smallest things can become a big memory to them. Always. Be. Kind.

What Gives Me Joy: Family. I recently went back home to Wisconsin to visit family and I’m so grateful for the time, albeit short, I had with them. Then I got to come back home to my wonderful husband and fluffy dog! Life is good.

The joy of learning. Together.



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