Student Letter Celebratory Post

I’m writing a special post to celebrate my past students and the relationships teachers can build with their students!

My move to South Carolina has been a great adventure so far. I’ve felt very welcomed by everyone I’ve met in the community. Still, I can’t help but feel a few pangs of homesickness sometimes. Consequently, receiving letters from students has been a wonderful reminder of Wisconsin and the amazing people there.

I love opening my mailbox to see a handwritten letter from a past student, it makes my day every time. We spent some time working on letter writing throughout the school year so I was particularily happy to see them utilize the skill! My teacher heart rejoices when I see proper formatting and punctuation! It also rejoices in the mistakes and spelling errors because I’m always happy to read anything from a student (and if you read my previous post on mistakes, you know how I feel about them).

Check out these joyful learners!

The joy of learning. Together. 


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