Making Mistakes

What I’m Reading: “A Mind at a Time” by Mel Levine. This book is an interesting exploration into the process of learning, and how adults can help children by working with their strengths. I just started the book but I’m excited to see what Levine has to say!

Image result for A Mind at a time

Building Confident Learners: Allow room for mistakes. Learners of all ages feel threatened in an environment in which mistakes are not allowed. Make sure to create a space for your learner(s) to make a mistake or two- and then learn from it! Some very important things were invented on accident. Chocolate chip cookies and penicillin for example, are two inventions of arguably equal importance that were created on accident.

What Gives Me Joy: Hiking. I went for a hike with my husband, our dog Nikita, two friends, and their puppy (quite the crew) at Croft State Park. It sure is hot here but the hike was beautiful and rejuvenating!

The joy of learning. Together.



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