Anxiety in Children: Respect, Empower and Encourage



We all experience anxiety from time to time, some more than others. Children are no exception. As adults we may forget that children can have a lot to feel anxious about too! Academic performance, social situations and friendships, specific content areas in school, home life, extracurricular activities, homework, familial difficulties, poverty, hunger, and a lack of sleep are just a few things that cause anxiety for students.

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting about how parents can help their child work through periods of anxiety no matter what the trigger is.

  • Respect your child’s emotions. Their anxiety is real and very unpleasant for them. You can show them you support them by listening. To help them communicate, you can ask them to tell you what they are thinking. This may expose scary thoughts and images your child is experiencing.
  • Empower your child to solve a problem that may be making them feel anxious by asking them what they might do to handle a certain situation. Brainstorm with them!
  • Encourage your child. When they are trying to be brave or coming up with some great solutions, tell them how proud of them you are!

The joy of learning. Together.


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